Online Speech Therapy (Telehealth)

Telehealth Speech Therapy

Our Speech Pathologists are available to provide Speech Therapy services via Telehealth. We use videoconferencing platforms such as Zoom and Skype as well as phone call consultations to connect with clients from all over Australia.

Telehealth allows people who may otherwise be unable to access speech therapy to get the support they need. Your clinician will determine your suitability and any potential barriers before getting you started with online therapy.

 Amidst the current COVID-19 crisis, there has been a rapid transition from face-to-face services to Telehealth within the health and medical field. Telepractice has allowed adults, children and their families who received face to face intervention to still speech therapy.


What are the requirements?

 At Word By Word, we use Zoom or Skype to allow us to set up consultations with you via video. It’s very simple and we will guide you through it!

  • Your Speech Therapist will contact you to assess your suitability and any potential barriers
  • Your Speech Therapist will prompt you to download the Zoom/Skype launcher (desktop/laptop) or Zoom/Skype app (portable devices) prior to your session
  • You do NOT need to create a Zoom account to attend any of the sessions
  • Follow the links sent to you by your therapist via email or text message
  • The link provided will take you to a private online meeting hosted your Speech Therapist


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