Paediatric Speech Therapy Services


Paediatric Speech Therapy


We offer a range of services to support children from as early as 12 months through to young adults with their communication needs. We also support children with any feeding difficulties.


Our Speech Therapists are able to: 

  • Facilitate assessment and ongoing language therapy to support language development
  • Facilitate assessment and ongoing speech and articulation therapy
  • Provide assessment and ongoing therapy for fluency disorders (Stuttering)
  • Provide literacy assessment and ongoing literacy based therapy
  • Provide assessment and ongoing therapy for Pragmatics and social skill development
  • Provide assessment and ongoing Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) Support
  • Support Emotional Regulation and teaching of emotions
  • Support Community Access and community participation via comprehension and communication supports.
  • Support the classroom environment and classroom teachers in assisting the child to reach their academic potential
  • Create Speech Therapy Assessment Reports and NDIS reports






For enquiries regarding Speech Therapy services please complete the form below:

    Please contact us on 0450 644 311