We Provide Speech Therapy Services at homes, schools and
childcare facilities, via telehealth or in our clinic!


Our Speech Therapists are highly qualified and
work with children and adults to support a range
of language and communication needs.

Our therapists provide comprehensive
assessments and a number of therapy options to
support communication.

We understand that each individual is different
and are able to provide a tailored approach to
meet unique needs of a range of speech,
language, literacy and social goals.

Meet with one of our Speech Therapists to share your goals
as we work together step by step to explore the solutions.

Help is just a phone call away

Our Services

Mobile Speech Therapy

Providing Speech Therapy support for children and adults in an environment thats convenient for you!

Speech Therapy in the clinic

Are you looking to go to an Speech Therapy clinic? Our clinic is located in seven hills with parking available to make it convenient for you

Speech Therapy via Telehealth

Speech therapy consultations provided via video link from the comfort and convenience of your home